Speakers and Presenters

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Michelle Alexander

Michelle Alexander is a highly acclaimed civil rights lawyer, advocate and legal scholar. As an associate professor of law at Stanford Law School, she directed the Civil Rights Clinic and pursued a research agenda focused on the intersection of race and criminal justice… read more

Presenters Biographies

Deepika Marya, Ph.D.

Deepika Marya is Associate Professor of Postcolonial Theory and Literature in the English Department at the University of Southern Maine, U.S.A��� read more

Leah Wing, Ed.D.

Leah is director of the Social Justice Mediation Institute and has taught dispute resolution since 1993. She is a member of the faculty in the Legal Studies Program in the Political Science Department at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst and… read more

Cordell W. Riley, B.Sc., M.Sc., JP
President of CURB
Mr. Riley is the Managing Director of Profiles of Bermuda, a company he founded in 1998. The firm conducts human resource assessments, training and development, as well as market, business and tourism research����� read more

Lynne Winfield BA, FCIS
Racial Justice Activist
Lynne Winfield has a long history of community and social activism having volunteered over the years for grassroots organizations, charities and boards. She is proud that she was a member of the Under 40 Caucus committee which founded the Good Friday Bermuda Kite Festival… read more

Gladwyn Simmons
Since 2001, Gladwyn has played a leading role in Bermuda to connect the disconnected. In 2006, he formed a unique relationship with the Centre on Philanthropy to represent the development goals of the hardcore community… read more

Pastor Leroy Bean
Founder of C.A.R.T.E.L
Pastor Leroy Bean is the Visionary and Founder of C.A.R.T.E.L which is an acronym for Challenging And Reclaiming the True Essence of Life. C.A.R.T.E.L promotes an anti-gang, anti-violence philosophy among the Bermudian population… read more

Sheridan Scotton
Prison Fellowship of Bermuda
Sheridan Scotton has worked for Prison Fellowship in Bermuda for the past five years. A Bermudian, mother of two, during this period she has provided vital administrative and organizational support services to the Prison Fellowship Board of Directors… read more

Martha Dismont – Family Learning Centre (website)
Kevin Comeau – Building a Policy to reduce Bermuda’s Unique Gang Violence
Carlton Simmons – Youth On The Move
Hashim Estwick CURB

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