Gladwyn Simmons


Since 2001, Gladwyn has played a leading role in Bermuda to connect the disconnected. In

2006, he formed a unique relationship with the Centre on Philanthropy to represent the development goals of the hardcore community.

He was called into Cabinet in the aftermath of the Wellington Oval melee in 2004 to assist Government with its initial deliberations about violent crime.

Subsequently he was labeled a threat to national security and prosecuted under the infamous “voluntary bill of indictment” procedure that had formerly only been used against Buck Burrows and Larry Tacklyn for capital offences.

Emerging from the shadow of this trial with no case to answer, Gladwyn was challenged once again to engage the mounting public concern with violent crime.

Gladwyn was invited by Premier Ewart Brown to host a 2009 national visit by Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam to address the underlying causes of community unrest.

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