CURB Central Council

The CURB Central Council s the operational management, decision making and administrative body of CURB.  It consists of the Officers and those General Members elected to serve as either Working Group Chairs or General Members-at-large on the Newly Elected Central Council.  All members of the Central Council must be fully paid up General Members.  The Central Council is made up of no more than fifteen (15) individuals in total, consisting of the officers, six Working Group Chairs  and a maximum of five Members-at-Large.

CURB General Members

CURB General Members pay an annual membership fee (currently $10.00) and have voting rights at the AGM.  General Members can serve on the Central Council or Working Groups.  Additionally they are given first option to attend CURB workshops/training options for free.

CURB Supporters

CURB Supporters are individuals listed on our CURB contact lists and/or Facebook page.  CURB supporters can serve as a member on one of the CURB Working Groups.  As non-paying members they do not have voting rights at the AGM.

Membership Chart

The following chart depicts our membership structure:

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