The Tumin Report (1992)

Open Letter to Premier

Dear Premier,

1. This summer your Cabinet invited me to prepare a report on aspects of criminal justice in Bermuda, and submit it to you.  My terms of reference were given to me as follows:-

a. To review the Criminal Justice System and the primary legislation which impacts in Prisons (incarceration).

b. To review the Criminal Justice System procedures and policies and make recommendations for sentencing alternatives.

c. To investigate the perceptions that persons of different races and different backgrounds are treated differently by the system.

d. To review the Criminal Justice System with a view to recommending how the country can change the emphasis from one of custody to correction.

However you read these terms, the main issues behind them are the same:- How do you reduce the number of people held in custody, one of the highest per head of population in the world, and in particular how do you reduce the proportion of black people in custody, far exceeding the proportion of blacks in the community?

Click HERE to download the full report (requires Adobe Reader).

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