February 8, 2009

Monday, February 9th, 2009

The Sally Bassett statue was unveiled in November 2008 before a small number of people just before the Convening of The Legislature.  Since then the remaining portions of the monument are being completed.  We intend to invite the general public to the official opening on February 9th.  The Cabinet Office grounds should provide some of the viewing area but the monument can also be seen from Front Street between Court and Parliament, on Parliament between Front and Reid and on Reid between Court and Parliament.  We expect local dignitaries will attend this event and expect remarks from Premier Dr. Ewart F. Brown and Dame Jennifer Smith—both served on the Sally Bassett Monument Committee.  Sally Bassett, a slave woman, is an historical figure in Bermuda who lived about 280 years ago and was burned at the stake on suspicion of trying to poison a slavemaster.  The Sally Bassett story will be part of the monument and the monument will become part of Bermuda’s African Diaspora Heritage Trail.
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