The BIG WATCH and The BIG READ: Traces of the Trade returns to Bermuda

October 3, 2010

Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda (CURB) is excited to announce that in collaboration with CITV and Ebb Pod (the “Traces of the Trade” production company) we will be bringing to Bermuda “THE  BIG WATCH” and will be screening “Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North” three times a day on CITV throughout the month of October.  CURB invites all Bermudians and residents on the island to participate in THE BIG WATCH.

The documentary will be followed by a short CURB film entitled “Discussing the Trade” showing the dialogue sessions which followed the Bermuda screenings in April. The “Traces” film is extraordinary and people who participated in gatherings last April were so moved by the story of the DeWolf family and their journey as told in the film that CURB wants EVERYONE in Bermuda to have the opportunity to see the film and participate in dialogue sessions which will be arranged  by CURB.

“Traces” details the journey both literally and figuratively of the DeWolf family as they uncover the history of their ancestors and find out that for three generations they were the largest slave trading family in the U.S.  They follow the voyages of their ancestors by journeying to Ghana and Cuba and back to Rhode Island.  It is a journey of discovery and awakening, and is a powerful and moving film.

In April, CURB, which is a volunteer, non-governmental racial justice group, brought to the island Ms. Katrina Browne, director and producer of the documentary “Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North” (PBS award-winning independent documentary).  CURB held three public screenings of the film, and also screened the film at four high schools (Bermuda Institute, Mt. Saint Agnes, Saltus Grammar and Warwick Academy).  Katrina, who is a direct descendant of the DeWolfs, was present in Bermuda and led facilitated dialogues.  The film showed to standing-room only audiences in a variety of locations around Bermuda.

From October 17th – 22nd CURB is bringing to the island Tom DeWolf, author of “Inheriting the Trade” and a participant in the documentary.  Over the summer and fall CURB asked its members, supporters and friends to read the book “Inheriting the Trade” as part of CURB’s “THE BIG READ”. Tom DeWolf’s presence in Bermuda will enable those who have read the book or seen the film to pose their questions to him personally.

During Tom’s time on the island CURB will be holding two public meetings where he will present and dialogue with the audience on his experiences. The first will be a presentation held at the BUEI on Monday, 18th October at 7 p.m. and will be specifically for a white audience, and the second will be an open public meeting on Wednesday, 20th October at 7 pm at the Cathedral Hall, and will be focused on an interactive dialogue.

Additionally, Mr. DeWolf will be presenting at high schools where a shortened version of the documentary will be screened followed by a Q&A session.  CURB plans on reaching out to all high schools and middle schools in the coming months to screen the documentary.

CURB is about people who believe in racial justice and equality. Through honest and open dialogue we are determined to ensure we achieve understanding and reconciliation.  And through ongoing education and advocacy, we hope to redress the legacy of racism that continues to impact our society today.


Monday through Friday: 1:30am, 1:00pm, 10:30pm


Saturday and Sunday: 7:30am, 3:30pm, 11:30pm

To learn more about “Traces of the Trade: A Story of the Deep North” go to

To learn more about Tom DeWolf and ”Inheriting the Trade” go to images on the left hand side of the page can be used online or in print.


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