Walk Through Flatts

February 8, 2009

Imagine Bermuda 2009


A ‘Walk Through History’ in Flatts Village

On the 50th Anniversary of the Progressive Group’s 1st Secret Meeting


·        Trace the steps of PG members- avoiding Surveillance- to their 1st  Secret meeting – weeks later, they hatched the Theatre Boycott

·         William Zuill Sr. on the link of Whitney to the invention of the Radio

·        Karen McPhee on great-grandfather Clarence Darrell – noted ‘Flattsonian’

·        Louis Mowbrey on  grandfather’s role at Aquariums in BDA, Boston, N.Y.C.

·        C.V. (Jim) Woolridge on Flatts Cricket & the Eastern Counties

PARK at Whitney Institute

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2009 – 2.30pm

(1st Secret Meeting of P.G. was on Sunday Feb. 8, 1959 in Flatts Village)


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