What We Did In 2010

January 29, 2011

The following narrative was presented by outgoing President Lynne Winfield at the CURB AGM on December 14th, 2010.


The CURB Central Council meets twice a month on the first and third Thursdays.

9th Jan 2010 “CURB Focus 2010” – Central Council members’ all-day meeting to discuss focus for 2010, which resulted in the “Four Pillars for 2010”, i.e. Research Survey; Develop public meetings; Advocacy through education; In reach Training.

30 Jan 2010 CURB visit to East End Museums – CURB members and supporters visit the World Heritage Centre, Globe Hotel Museum & Bermudian Heritage Museum to see how Bermuda’s museums are meeting the challenge of becoming more inclusive in telling the story of Bermuda’s past.  Following the visit attendees were asked to submit a brief synopsis of their perceptions.  These were collated and the feedback sent to all museums.

4 Feb 2010 CURB Newsletter – sent to all CURB members and supporters.

08 Feb 2010 Amistad – President met with Amistad’s CEO – Mr. Gregory Belanger to discuss possible collaboration during their brief visit.  Amistad offered to provide information concerning upcoming Amistad/UNESCO webcast for schools in the Caribbean.

11 Feb 2010 American University / NTL Institute – President invited to make presentation to faculty and students of the AU/NTL Institute on “Racism & Race Relations in Bermuda”.

16th Feb 2010 CURB presentation by Major Kenneth Dill – Major Kenneth Dill presented to CURB members on early history of CURB 1998-2000.

19th Feb 2010 “Civic Engagement and Activism” – The President presents on “CURB and Activism” at the Bermuda College at a seminar organized by the Diversity Institute of Bermuda.

26th Feb 2010 Facebook – CURB launches Facebook page!  1,000 members have since joined.

1st March 2010 CURB Website – New CURB website www.uprootingracism.org goes live.

2nd March 2010 Public Meeting “Violence, Anger & the Legacy of Racism” – Panelists Lawyer Charles Richardson, Col. Eddie Lamb (Commissioner of Prisons) and Dennis Burgess give a powerful presentation on the issues around the increasing violence in our community and the possible causes.  Approximately 50 people attended the meeting which was disappointing given the amount of radio/TV and advertising which was carried out.  Reasons for the low numbers were felt to be a) The meeting was held on a Friday which conflicts with people’s weekend plans, and b) the title of the public meeting may have been worrying for people given the current environment of increased violence in the community.  However, the meeting was taped and was shown daily on CITV for approximately 3 weeks, and so these excellent speakers were heard by many more people in Bermuda.  CITV have also advised that they will be showing the film again in the future.

8th March 2010 “Community & Relationship Building” – Article by Lynne Winfield published in Bermuda Sun.

15th March 2010 Workshop Proposal – CURB submitted a workshop proposal to the Facing Race Conference to be held in Chicago 23rd to 25th September 2010.  Title of the workshop “Intransigence of Racism in a Majority Black Society.”  Permission was granted to show the documentary “The Big Conversation” and CURB members would facilitate Q&A after the screening.  Unfortunately news just received (11th June) that CURB’s proposal was not accepted.

26th March 2010 Amistad Webcast – CURB receives permission from Amistad/UNESCO to email all local schools the website address for the Amistad/UNESCO webcast.  Students from seven countries participated in a United Nation’s simulcast broadcast live from AMISTAD in Cuba, and Bermuda students were able to view the educational broadcast accessed by going to http://cyberschoolbus.un.org.

27th March 2010 CURB visit to National Museum of Bermuda – CURB members and supporters visit the NMB to see how the museum is meeting the challenge of becoming more inclusive in telling the story of Bermuda’s past.  Free entrance kindly offered by the Museum and free ferry offered by Marine & Ports for all who attend.  Following the visit attendees were asked to submit a brief synopsis of their perceptions.  There were collated and the feedback sent to Dr. Harris.

11th to 16th April 2010 Traces of the Trade: A Story of the Deep North – CURB invited Ms. Katrina Browne Producer of “ Traces of the Trade” to visit Bermuda.  Public showings of the documentary were held 3 evenings at the Bermuda Aquarium, Liberty Theatre, and St. James’ Church in Somerset, followed by facilitated Q&A sessions with Katrina Browne and CURB co-facilitators.  Additionally all 7 senior high schools were invited to participate and 4 accepted the offer and the film was shown at Bermuda Institute, Warwick Academy, Saltus Grammar and Mt. St Agnes.  The public meetings were extremely well attended with standing room only.  Excellent feedback has since been received from both individuals as well as teachers at the schools.  With one teacher advising that since the showing of the film her social studies/history class often comment on what they are learning in context with what they learned from the documentary.  The public meetings were filmed and a short 30 – 60 minute video is being prepared to show on CITV at a later date.  CURB collaborated with ABIC who raised funds for Ms. Browne’s fees and also with the Bermuda Sloop Foundation.  This collaboration was seen as a way to encourage more white participation in the screenings and was highly successful, with both organizations circulating information about the documentary to their membership.  It is estimated that in excess of 1,000 people viewed the documentary.  The event received excellent and extensive media coverage.

13th May 2010 CURE – Press Release re amalgamation of CURE w/HRC.

14th May 2010 Submission to MOED – CURB’s Education Working Group made a formal submission to the Minister of Education on the Blueprint for Education Reform.

17th May 2010 Presentation to MWI – The President was invited to show the documentary Traces of the Trade (TOTT) to members and invited guests at the Mid Atlantic Wellness Institute.  The screening was followed by Q&A facilitated by CURB.  Those present were asked to complete the TOTT survey.

19th May 2010 “The Big Conversation”  Interviews – The President was interviewed for two episodes of “The Big Conversation” by Rolfe Commissiong and was asked to talk about CURB and the current state of race relations in Bermuda.   The interviews are currently being shown daily on CITV.

26th May 2010 Race Relations & Social Studies in the School Curriculum – organized by the Education Working Group, CURB members and supporters were invited to hear Ms. Leona Scott, Curriculum Specialist present on how these topics are structured in the curriculum and how they are introduced to students from primary to high school levels.

13th June 2010 FM98.1 Radio Interview – The President was invited on the show “Progressive Talk” on FM  98.1 to talk about the work CURB is doing in the community.

21 July 2010 Opinion Piece Bermuda Sun “A Vision for the Future” by Lynne Winfield.

July/August 2010 “The Big Read” – CURB Book Club promoted “Inheriting the Trade” to the public to read over the summer.  A CURB facilitator was offered to assist with discussions.

29th September 2010 CURB Twitter and YouTube Channel launched http://www.youtube.com/user/UprootingRacism?feature=mhum

1st October 2010 “The Big Watch” – CURB negotiated with CITV and TOTT to show “Traces of the Trade: A Story of the Deep North” daily on CITV throughout the month of October.  Funding was provided for the license fees for screening the documentary.  The Q&A sessions filmed in April have been put together as a mini documentary entitled “Discussing the Trade”, these  follow the screening of TOTT and the total length of the documentary and “Discussing the Trade” was 2 hours.

3rd October 2010 Letter to the Editor Royal Gazette “Task Force Investigates Root Causes of Gun Crime” by Lynne Winfield.

9th October 2010 Meeting with Root Causes – to evaluate Truth & Reconciliation fund concept.    Council have approved in principle and ongoing discussion continuing.

12th – 16th October 2010 Aspen Institute – Lynne Winfield & Cordell Riley invited to present at the Aspen Institute on Historical & Contempory Structural Racism in Bermuda.  Arising out of this presentation Lynne and Cordell are working on a one-day workshop which can be used for presentations in Bermuda.

27 August 2010 Bermuda Sun Opinion Piece “Race Row in the US has some Parallels here in Bermuda” by Lynne Winfield

16th October ADHT Presentation – CURB was invited to present at the African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference, and Lynne Winfield, Haile Maryam and Phillip Ray represented CURB.

Tom DeWolf 17-22 October 2010 – As part of The Big Watch, Tom DeWolf was invited to visit Bermuda and facilitate dialogues.  Two public meetings were held, as well as one private meeting for descendants of Bermudian slave holders.  At the public meeting held at Cathedral Hall Tom DeWolf spoke to the “Coming to the Table” model of reconciliation.  This session was filmed and CURB has the raw footage.  A decision is to be made as to whether we edit in order to screen possibly on CITV.

Additionally, the abridged version of the film was screened at Cedarbridge; Somersfield, Sandys Secondary Middle School, and BHS.  As part of training CURB members co-facilitated all presentations with Tom DeWolf.

Tom DeWolf was invited to lunch by Dr. Harris of the BMM.  He also spoke at Rotary which was aired on ZBM TV and Radio.

CURB arranged media interviews with The Royal Gazette; Shirley J FM89; The Captain FM 106.1; VSB TV Bryan Darby; and CITV The Big Conversation w/Rolfe Commissiong.

22nd October 2010 – CURB Opinion Piece published in Royal Gazette “Bermuda: A Society in Change” by Lynne Winfield.

12th – 20th November 2010 Dr. Frances Kendall PhD – Dr. Frances Kendall was invited to Bermuda to facilitate a two-day training for CURB entitled “Effectively Facilitating Dialogue Around Race.”   In addition to CURB General Members, CURB invited individuals from other organizations who also did work around social justice.  The workshop was highly successful, but pointed out the need for further training not only on facilitating dialogue but also round the concept of white privilege.

A Teachers’ Workshop was held and professional development accreditation was offered by the Bermuda Educators Council.  This workshop was received very well and was over-subscribed.  Evaluation forms were distributed and these are currently being collated and accessed.

The Medical Professionals’ Workshop failed to attract sufficient attendees and so was cancelled.  However, CURB plans on trying to address this need again in 2011 by seeking accreditation well in advance.

As the Medical Professionals Workshop was cancelled, CURB proceeded to hold an inhouse workshop with Dr. Kendall around an envisioning process for CURB.  The work done in that workshop has resulted in CURB planning a further meeting on 11th December.

While Dr Kendall was in Bermuda CURB arranged for media interviews with The Royal Gazette, VSB TV 11, VSB 106.1 Radio Show; Shirley Dill Radio Show;  Rotary Luncheon (ZBM TV); Thaoo Dill Hott 107.5.

22nd November 2010 – TOTT screened at Berkeley Institute facilitated by Lynne Winfield.

The TOTT documentary has now been screened at all high schools and one middle school.  All schools were presented with a DVD of the TOTT and invited to contact CURB if they wished to screen it with a CURB facilitator.  In 2011 CURB plans on reaching out to all middle schools with the documentary.

23rd November 2010 – President Lynne Winfield invited to present to students at the Bermuda College on advocacy/racism by the Diversity Institute of Bermuda.

30th November 2010 – Presentation of Research Survey Data to CURB General Members.

11th December 2010 – CURB Envisioning Workshop.

14th December 2010 – CURB Annual General Meeting.


The following are some of the events that CURB has supported by emailing their 1,500 supporters on their email contact lists and/or posting on the CURB Facebook page which has 1,000 supporters.  Additionally CURB members attend and/or volunteer at these events:

8th Jan 2010 “Invictus” – CURB members and supporters attend the movie “Invictus” presented by Imagine Bermuda.

18th Feb 2010 Unveiling of “We Arrive” statue – CURB members and supporters attend the unveiling of the “We Arrive” statue in Barr’s Bay Park commemorating the arrival of enslaved Africans on board the Enterprise.

21st March 2010 International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination – CURB members and supporters attend the CURE Commemorative Ceremony held at City Hall.

13th May 2010 Collaboration with the Black Lodges (Friendly Societies) – CURB invited members and supporters to attend the Black Lodges “Open House.”  CURB has offered to collaborate with the Friendly Societies in their efforts to bring their extraordinary history to the public’s attention.

18th July – 31st August 2010 Honouring Bermuda’s Emancipation – CURB advertised the event to its members and supporters and CURB members attend the events put on by the Department of Community & Cultural Affairs.

31 August 2010 Historical Heartbeats Lecture Series “Bermuda, Africa, Diaspora: Trilogy of the Journey” – CURB members and supporters are invited to attend.

11th September Historical Heartbeats Lecture Series “Bold, Beautiful, Bermudian Women”  – CURB members and supporters invited to attend.

16th October 2010 ADHT Conference – CURB members presented and volunteered their time.

27th October 2010 Mirrors Programme – CURB circulated information to CURB members and supporters and 9 individuals expressed interest in the Mirrors training.

October & November 2010 The Bermuda National Library – Bermuda History & Cultural Studies Room Lunchtime Film Series.  CURB members invited.

26 November 2010 Bermuda National Gallery – Ebony Patterson ‘s ongoing body of artwork Gangstas: Disciplez & the Doiley Boyz.  CURB members invited.


The CURB Central Council rotates the position of Chairman of the Meeting amongst the members so all have a chance to learn how to run a meeting using the CURB guidelines.

19th Jan 2010 Media Presentation – As part of CURB’s in-house training Tom Vesey was invited to give a media presentation to the CURB Central Council.

5th February “What is Advocacy” – A number of CURB Central Council members attended the Centre on Philanthropy workshop.

4th to 6th May 2010 Restorative Justice, Conflict Resolution & Consensus Building Workshop – CURB Council member funded to attend 3-day workshop on restorative justice.

23rd to 25th Sept 2010 Facing Race Conference – Three Central Council members attended the Facing Race Conference in Chicago.

25th September 2010 Appreciative Inquiry Seminar – 2 members of CURB attended this Saturday workshop.

2nd October 2010 Know Thyself Workshop – 2 members of CURB attended the workshop presented by Prof. Melodye Van Putten.

13th October 2010 Dr. Frances Kendall PhD – “Effectively Facilitating Dialogue Around Race”

11th December 2010 CURB Envisioning Workshop for Central Council & Working Groups members.


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